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1820 Society
The 1820 Society is available to physician members who are now retired from practice and have sustained support for MSV throughout their career. Former presidents of MSV are invited to join the 1820 Society President’s Circle. With the 1820 Society’s continued financial support, MSV can continue protecting, advancing, and empowering the profession for generations to come. Donations to the 1820 Society are given to the MSV Foundation and are tax deductible.
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MSVF Gift - Personal

By choosing this option, you are contributing to the Annual fundraising goal of the MSV Foundation. Truly, every amount helps. For information about additional ways to support the work of the MSV Foundation,

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Med Student Sponsorship

Your contribution supports student engagement at MSV’s Annual Meeting, leadership opportunities, and events at local medical school chapters. Donations to the Medical Student Section are tax deductible.

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SafeHaven Contribution

To support the needs of physicians and PAs struggling with stress, burnout and the effects of COVID-19.  SafeHaven provides physicians and PAs a comprehensive set of well-being resources they can use without risk to their medical license,  $265 provides mental health resources to a physician or PA and their family for an entire year!

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VMAP Support

VMAP is a statewide mental health access program designed to help health care providers take better care of children and adolescents with mental health conditions by increasing access to child psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and care navigators. Your donation helps a child receive necessary mental health services.

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MSVF Endowment - Student
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MSVF Endowment - PA Scholarship Fund
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MSVPAC Gift - Personal
MSVPAC strengthens MSV’s advocacy by engaging in the political process throughout the Commonwealth. A strong PAC is a critical to maintaining a legislative climate that is favorable to physicians and patients. Your contribution to MSVPAC substantially enhances MSV’s advocacy efforts, helps develop positive relationships with legislators and allows physicians to retain a voice in Virginia politics.
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