Student Membership Categories

We have developed value and offerings that are specifically geared for each of our segments and are significant for each intended audience. Please click on the membership segment that best applies to you. 

The MSV and AMA shape the future health care on the state and national levels.  Both organizations are the collective voice of medical students, residents and physicians representing all specialties and practice settings.  From lobbying to protect physician’s practice rights and to increase graduate medical education funding to implementing public health programs, MSV and AMA are committed to help physicians treat patients. By joining MSV and AMA, you’re making the right investment in your future and the future of health care.  Your membership isn’t just to help you through medical school; it will educate, strengthen and empower you to succeed in all stages of your career. 


  • Free Netter’s Anatomy Flash cards or Goljan’s Rapid Review Pathology book as a welcome gift
  • Valuable discounts such as 30 percent off Kaplan Qbank and the entire Rapid Review series
  • A spot in the MSV and AMA communities
  • Introductions to peers, future colleagues and mentors
  • Amplification of your voice
  • Empowerment you to become a leader in your profession
  • A drive for positive change in health care
  • A ticket to MSV and AMA events at your school, in Virginia and across the country
  • A smart investment for your future